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MindFly Technologies Kft. was established from collaboration between two international enterprises in order to provide services for clients operating in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Its mission is to offer IT services optimised to the needs of its clients in the fields of onsite consulting, nearshoring, remote working and the outsourcing of IT business solutions. 

This was how this modern enterprise was formed, in which the personnel, whether they be employees or freelancers, developers, testers or management, together represent a lean organisation approach. In addition our internal operations are characterised by a balance struck by the individual between time spent at work and outside of work. 

We offer our clients a broad range of professional services in the fields of software development and quality management. Our experience and references gained in agile developer environments consisting of small teams or several hundred personnel enable us to create value for our clients. 

We assist in the work of our clients via the cooperation of carefully selected experts, developers and testers with experience in efficient and active environments whilst meeting the highest of quality expectations. 

Thomas Wilfling


Gábor Gehl


Josef Fojdl


Careers at MindFly


As an innovative organisation we offer our specialists various career models. Whatever the choice, which is based purely on personal preference, the basic concept is creating a partnership that can be planned on. The work method used may be varied over time, meaning we view our colleagues as collaborating partners with whom we share our successes. 



Fixed earnings with specified bonuses based on individual agreement. 

Payment is based on an hourly rate for project time worked. Even in this case, earnings may be supplemented with a system of bonuses based on individual agreement. 

For everyone 

Our project business 

We offer our clients the service modes that best suit their needs. This includes onsite work in the DACH region, remote work from home, office nearshoring services and, of course, mixed models. 

Our personnel undertake their roles in this service structure on the basis of individual agreement, with all this enabling both home and office work, or them undertaking work onsite at our clients’ premises in the DACH region. 

Our work model

Our organisation is characterised by a flat hierarchy structure and by a new approach to work. Our goal is to establish a reliable and predicable partner relationship. This is ensured by a fair payment rate or salary, striving for and realising transparent operation, and the opportunity to get involved in the decisions of the organisation. 


Our services and solutions 

Our main profile is the provision of IT services for our clients based in the CEE’s DACH region. We provide our services remotely to our clients, in the scope of nearshoring or onsite, via our experts who speak German and/or English. 


We study and survey the demands conceived by our future clients and in the light of this provide a quote for the implementation of the project, or in the scope of a pre-selection procedure we provide the specialist who best meets the needs of the specific project. All of this is realised within the framework of a flexible and efficient process. 


We offer our solution project package in those cases when there is a need for an agile, competent and experienced team that can be deployed immediately into a German language environment. In order to increase efficiency specialist personnel working at the project site ensure communications are smooth between our clients and the team working on the project. 

Software development

Comprehensive frontend, backend and full stack developing technology. 

Project management


Project or project organisation building, the support of projects in a critical phase. 

Quality management

Creating a test organisation. Setting up and performing all test types, including integration testing (CI), test automation (e.g. E2E tests) and manual acceptance testing. 


Supporting the building and commissioning of an agile infrastructure with an on-premises or in the cloud solution. 

Organisation development 

Coaching, preparing and training custom teams or even setting up an agile (scrum, kanban or simply agile) organisation. 

Requirements Engineering


Starting from the demands of the specialist field up to establishing the user story for the developer team. 




MindFly Technologies Kft.

Széchenyi István tér. 7

1051 Budapest




Tel.:    +43 676 6118802

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